Crypto-less Easy NFT Listing Service is a brand new outsource service for selling NFTs without cryptocurrencies trading.

This service is for those who:

– Don’t know how to create and sell NFTs
– Are not confident in cryptocurrency trading
– Want to minimize Gas Fee
– Are in countries where cryptocurrency is illegal
– Would like professional assitances
– Want to simplify accountings and avoid tax evasion
No matter how you are familiar with cryptocurrency, there is always a risk of unexpected amount of Gas Fee (Blockchain transaction fee).
With CryptolessNFT, be free from crypto, be free from daily tasks.

Easy NFT Creation

Illustration, Videos, Music, Photographs, Poems… We sell your works as NFTs

– Account Setup
– Listing NFTs on marketplaces
– Sales management
– Translation & Rewriting
– Free Promotion
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– Image (Illustration, Photographs)
– Video (Movie, Animation)
– Sound (Music, Sound Logo)
– Document (Poems, Lyrics)
– 3D (Objects, AR)
– Other Artistic Items
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Start Today at Promo Price $28~

How It Works


Please prepare your work and let us hear if you are not sure about file formatting.


We propose the best plan for you based on your art style, the number of items and budgets.


As soon as paymment is made, you will receive an art information entry form.


Following the manuals, full out your artist & item descriptions. Once all the information is set, we will list the NFTs on your behalf.


We will share the item URL and blockchain address with you, so you can always check the sales.


When your NFTs are successfully sold, the profit will be quickly delivered to your bank!

Various Marketplace Options

Opensea, Rarible, Hicetnunc, and more! You can choose the market you want from a number of options.

Please feel free to ask us for an advice on choosing the best marketplace for you.

Legitimate & Reliable

Our service does not ask you to own, trade or mint cryptocurrencies at any time. Even if you live in one of the countries where cryptocurrencies are banned, such as China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Bolivia and Vietnam, you will not commit any illegal or haram acts. With over 300 artist promotion experiences, we are confident that we can manage your NFTs safely.

200+ Countries


Partnered Artists

10+ Marketplaces

No Matter Where You Are, We Are Here to Support Your NFT Creation.


Q: Can analogue drawings be NFTs?

A: Of course, yes! Contact us if you are not sure about the formatting.

Q: Is there minimum contract period?

A: Not at all! Don’t worry, you can join and leave at any time you desire.

Q: Will termination fee be charged?

A: No, but if you wish to cancel NFT lisitng, we will charge cencallation fee $15 per item.

Q: What is Gas Fee? Is there any additional charges?

A: Gas Fee is a fee charged by blockchain miners when you do smart-contract. Our service will cover all the gas fee on your bahalf so you will not asked to pay additional fees!

Q: How money transfer can be ensured when NFTs are sold?

A: We will share the item URL and blockchain address with you, so you can always check the sales. When your works are sold, the profit will be delivered to your bank via Wise transfer.

Q: Will the copyright be handed over to CryptolessNFT?

A: No, don’t worry. You are only the copyright holder. Only you own the copyright of the works you created. We will never use your works for any purposes but our listing & promoting service without your notice.

Q: How can I get profit from secondary sales?

A: Of course you will receive profit earned by secondary sales too. But if you cancel the contract without taking over the wallet, you cannot claim any profit after cancellation.

Q: Can I sold derivatives or parodies?

A: We recommend you granding relevant permission from the original copyright holder. We are not able to check copyright owners of every single work and are not responisble if there is any conflict between customers and others. If we receive dispute from the original copyright holder, we may cancel the listing prior to the notice.

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